Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Reasons Why Your Gums Could be Bleeding from Your Dentist in Lexington KY

No one is unfamiliar with a little blood when they’re brushing their teeth once in a while, but this isn’t something that you should be comfortable with! When your gums are bleeding, they’re trying to tell you that they’re in pain and need to be taken care of. Your dentist in Lexington KY wants patients to protect their oral health as much as possible in between their bi-annual appointment times, so if your gums are bleeding, here are some reasons as to why and what to do about it.


Bad Oral Hygiene
Many patients are surprised when their dentist tells them that their oral hygiene could be improved, but it’s more than just brushing your teeth. Throughout each day, patients need to think about what foods and drinks they’re consuming and what damage that they could cause to their teeth. While a complete diet change isn’t necessary, substituting some of the most damaging foods with more vegetables and fruits can drastically improve your oral health. In the morning and at night, it’s highly recommended to brush your teeth for at least two minutes and take another two minutes to properly floss in between each tooth.


Subpar Toothbrush
When buying a toothbrush, many patients don’t put too much thought into this process, which can hinder their dental care. It’s a popular belief that big, bulky and tough toothbrushes are the best because they’re doing the most work, but this is false. Finding a toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles will benefit you more because it’ll be gentler on your gums but still do the same amount of cleaning that a larger toothbrush would, if not more. Smaller toothbrush heads can reach all of the parts of your mouth that a bulky one couldn’t, so you’re able to cover more space and clean efficiently.


Smoking Cigarettes
This is one of the most popular bad habits and one of the main reasons that people’s oral health is constantly at risk. Smoking cigarettes or using any kind of tobacco products directly affect your teeth and gums because you’re allowing the smoke to come in contact with your mouth. The smoke lingers and burns and, through your gums, the tobacco gets into your bloodstream. Constantly smoking cigarettes can cause gum disease much faster than it could for a non-smoker. The bacteria causes bleeding, inflammation, receding gums, and other intense health problems that can occur faster than one may think.


If your gums have been bleeding while you brush, floss, or simply on their own, contact your dentist in Lexington KY by calling this number (859) 266-2570 or requesting an appointment online here

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