What is Laser Dentistry?

Lexington Laser Dentist on The Benefits of Technology!

When most patients hear the word “laser,” a quick flash to a favorite sci-fi or deep space movie can come to mind easily. However, with the advancements of technology in the past decade or so, lasers have moved from a fictional mega-weapon to actually being a medical tool with tremendous benefits.

As a qualified Lexington laser dentist, today we will be discussing what laser dentistry can typically be used for, and what the pros of it are.

Although every patient’s case and circumstances may vary, laser dentistry in this day and age can be utilized for procedures such as:

  • Treating gum disease: lasers are used to reshape the gums, remove bacteria and assist during root canal procedures.
  • Remove tissue: lasers can help in a biopsy of mouth tissue that may need to be examined for cancer cells or another disease. They can also be used to remove growths or sores in the mouth, such as canker sores.
  • Tooth decay: lasers can remove decay from teeth and can also cure (harden) newly placed fillings in cavities.

Okay, so lasers definitely do have a wide range of usages…but how do these light-energy enabled tools benefit the patient in comparison to traditional techniques?

  • Lasers can reduce anxiety in patients who fear the dental drill and related typical techniques.
  • They can reduce swelling and bleeding during treatments, as they simultaneously can also act as a cauterizer.
  • Lasers can reduce or cause less pain, meaning a lowered or no need for anesthesia or numbing agents.
  • They can be more efficient at cleaning during cavity removal, providing a higher level of overall tooth health.

The benefits of laser dentistry seem to be substantial and useful in a wide variety of circumstances, but since it is so relatively new in the field (only being practiced since about 1994), many may still be skeptical.

For more information on how your Lexington laser dentist can help you, call our office today to schedule an appointment at (859) 266-2570.  

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