Teeth Whitening Myths

Lexington KY Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Cosmetic dental solutions are popular for a reason: people love looking fantastic and feeling great about themselves. It is this reason that Lexington KY teeth whitening is such a popular choice and option that Cooper Family Dentistry offers to our patients.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to the way that people experience and share information about new exciting procedures, these groundbreaking technologies can have inaccurate rumors spread about them. So today we will looking at a few common teeth whitening myths and be offering up answers to if they actually hold any ground or not.

The first rumor or myth we hear often that may detract patients from seeking whitening is that it can cause pain and sensitivity in the teeth. We could not be anything but truthful to our patients, so yes, sometimes there is a possibility of some sensitivity occurring. This usually only occurs for about 24-48 hours after the whitening, and really only if any of the whitening solution touches the gums. One is much more likely to see this sort of pain induced from a self-administered at-home treatment than an in-office one overall.

Secondly, that teeth whitening from a professional is much more effective than the stuff you can buy in-store. This, yes, is very true. The office of your Lexington KY teeth whitening professionals get much stronger, medically regulated bleach for our procedures than the strips, pastes and gels you can purchase in-store. Much of the reasoning behind this is what was previously mentioned, the potential harm it could cause. Just like with most medicines, dental professionals like ourselves typically can administer these stronger doses with fewer complications for the patient.

Lastly, whitening lasts forever. This, unfortunately, is false. Just as our teeth fade from their natural white we are born with, so can your re-whitened teeth. Drinking beverages like soda, coffee, tea or ingesting other items with dark pigments will only work against this whitening in the long run. Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet, alongside a consistent at-home oral health regimen to extend the time between your need for another whitening appointment.

For more information on Lexington KY teeth whitening, or to schedule an appointment of your own, please call our office today at (859) 266-2570.

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