How TMJ Disorder is Treated

Save Your Jaw from Suffering with Your 40502 Dentist

When it comes to oral and dental health, many patients don’t think about their jaw in that category. But when you have an issue like bruxism (teeth grinding), your jaw is drastically affected, as well. There are other reasons that your jaw could be experiencing pain and if they go untreated for too long, it may require surgical repairs. At Cooper Family Dental, your 40502 dentist provides bite guard therapy, an option in order to protect your teeth from grinding down and changing their shape, and your jaw from suffering from TMJ disorder.

You may be wondering what TMJ disorder is and how it affects your health. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the part of your mouth/head that connects your jawbone to your skull. When this area is infected or injured, your jaw joint will be in pain, along with the muscles that control your movement. Other symptoms of TMJ disorder are difficulty chewing, locking of your jaw, other parts of your facial structure aching, and tenderness on your jaw.

Teeth grinding is a popular reason why patients suffer from TMJ disorder. This usually occurs when a patient is sleeping or when they’re particularly stressed or experiencing anxiety. When you’re grinding your teeth, you’re not only ruining their shape, but your jaw is suffering, too. With the added pressure you’re forcing, your jaw is working too hard and moving uncomfortably while you sleep or while you’re grinding during bouts of stress.

Your 40502 dentist creates custom mouth guards that patients can wear during the night in order to protect their jaw from suffering. These mouth guards are made to fit in your mouth comfortably from an impression of your teeth so they’re snug and protective.

If you’re interested in learning more about TMJ disorder and what’s the best option for you, contact Cooper Family Dental by calling our office at (859) 266-2570 or clicking here to request an appointment or consultation.

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