Don't Let Diet Drinks Trick You!

Your Lexington Dentist Wants to Work to Protect Your Smile

Your smile is in action every day, so it’s important for patients to know how to maintain their dental health. Unfortunately, there are patients who don’t pay close attention to how daily routines like dieting can still harm their teeth, even though they may be working to improve their overall health. Your Lexington dentist wants his patients to know that beverages like diet soft drinks are working against your smile.

Changing up your diet, including foods and drinks, will not only affect your overall health but your dental health, as well. Drinking sugar-free soda drinks can be helpful, but the acids that are in every soda are still the same, eroding the surface of your teeth, also called your enamel. This is a large reason as to why kids are suffering from dental erosion at a rapid pace.

Learn why diet sodas aren’t better for your teeth than regular ones, and don’t forget to protect your smile by calling your Lexington dentist at (859) 266-2570 or clicking here to request an appointment for the best date and time for you!

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