Dental Signs and Symptoms

Dentist in Lexington KY with Warning Signs

Serious dental issues can often have certain signs or symptoms that show up before them. And although every patient may experience or demonstrate some of these signs differently, there are some overall identifiers to look for that could be helpful in assessment and treatment.

With that in mind, today your dentist in Lexington KY is going to examine some of the most common dental symptoms and signs to explain what greater issues they could be indicative of.

Bleeding Gums

Most patients will notice or first experience a bleeding of the gums while they are brushing or flossing their teeth. This occurrence can typically be correlated to the fact that you are not brushing or flossing your teeth enough. This can lead to inflammation of the gums and be a sign of the mild, early stages of gum disease. More serious gum disease, which can result in tooth loss, tissue or structural damage can result if the regimen is not improved upon.

Oral Sores

Though a sore can pop up from a bite on the cheek or a virus, they also can be indicative of a more serious issue- like oral cancer. It may not always be easy to tell the difference between a cold, canker or other sore- so let your dentist in Lexington KY examine you if you have had any sore longer than a week and it is not getting better.

Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are one of the most common problems experienced by people worldwide. It is often a result of a diet that has included too many sugars and acidic choices that wear away at the tooth over time. Besides the negative impact of the diet, sensitive teeth could also indicate gum disease, gum recession or fractures in the teeth forming.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms- maybe it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Lexington KY for an assessment and possible treatment.

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