Dangers of DIY Whitening

Lexington KY Teeth Whitening Dentist on NOT Doing it Yourself

We all know the internet can be a bit of a “bittersweet” place. On one hand, it can give you access to the information you have never been able to reach before. Information on how to build your own chairs, bird feeders or other amazing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be found…but so can some more nefarious details.

Unfortunately, the world of dentistry is not exempt from either of those two sides of the internet. Dr. Cooper and our office have seen quite the amount of dental related blogs, posts and videos concerning one of the more risky habits, DIY teeth whitening, become more popular in past months. We felt it was our responsibility as the top provider of Lexington KY teeth whitening to today discuss the dangers of these habits and more.

At-home teeth whitening is not necessarily a new trend. We are sure most patients remember when a few years ago the big push for whitening strips, gels, toothpaste and more became the focus of the cosmetic dental market. The thing that most people do not consider about these kits is that, although they are less powerful than our in-office kits, they can be harmful if not utilized properly.

There is no doubt that these kits you buy at a local store can whiten your teeth. They contain certain chemicals that can make surface stains from years of coffee drinking, etc., less noticeable- amongst other uses. Think about the damage these items can cause to the gums though if not applied properly. Making sure your teeth is the only place of application is one of the main focuses of our Lexington KY teeth whitening treatments that may go overlooked by amateurs.

The instant gratification from and cheap price of these at-home kits can also be dangerous. Numerous cases have been documented where patients, when they see the whitening results from these kits (usually in 2-4 weeks of use), want to include it into a daily regimen. We could not advise against this enough. If used daily or over-regularly, these products can damage the teeth and/or gums, resulting in not only in physical harm, but the potential to deal with an addiction issue as well.

The best and healthiest means of getting a brilliant, bright smile is to visit Dr. Cooper, the top provider of Lexington KY teeth whitening, for a treatment today. For more information on the dangers of DIY teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment at our Lexington KY office, call us today at (859) 266-2570.

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