General Dentist in Lexington KY On Preventing Plaque’s Peril

Plaque- the enemy of both your smile and of your general dentist in Lexington KY.


It builds up from what you eat and drink, doesn’t go away (typically) unless your brush or floss, and can harm your teeth. Left untreated or care for properly, the bacteria in plaque can emit acids that eat away at the teeth, causing cavities and decay. Besides that, a buildup of plaque at the gum line can cause them to inflame, bleed and even suffer from gum disease.


Of course decay and gum disease have a whole other, wide array of dental detriments tied to them as well. If not taken care of, infection, tooth loss, structural damage, heart-related issues and more can result- and it all can start with the plaque.


So what, besides seeing your general dentist in Lexington KY twice yearly for cleanings and exams, is suggested to help you battle plaque?


We’ll give you a hint: it relies heavily upon your daily oral hygiene routine, as well as your diet.


For a full list of steps, you can follow to defeat plaque, you can click right here.


And for more information on plaque prevention or to schedule an appointment with your general dentist in Lexington KY, you can call our office today at (859) 309-6052.

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