Nighttime Oral Care Tips

Make Sure You're Saving Your Smile at All Times with Tips from Your Lexington Dentist

Having a bright smile is something that all patients wish to achieve and there are several ways to do so. At Cooper Family Dental in Lexington KY, teeth whitening is one of the most popular options to create the white smile you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, if patients don’t work on their oral hygiene and attempt to improve it by brushing and flossing, they may not be candidates for this cosmetic procedure.

Daily dental hygiene routines like brushing and flossing, while extremely important, are also extremely ignored, especially at night. Half of the US only brush their teeth one time in the morning and forgo the same action at night, which puts their dental health at a high risk of damage. There’s much more to taking care of your smile.

Click here to learn more about some nighttime tips to save your teeth while you sleep!

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