Brush Essentials

Your Lexington Dentist Shows You How To Clean and Store That Toothbrush!

Every patient of your Lexington dentist has (or should have) one of the essential tools in dental prevention at home. More than any of our hand or electric tools we have on our trays or hidden away, your toothbrush is the one that can do some of the most efficient work in prevention and maintenance for your mouth.

By its very nature of battling disease and bacteria, however, our brushes are put into peril every day. Today we will be discussing some essential maintenance and storage tips to take into consideration for your brush, so it stays resilient in your fight against dental detriments daily.

One of the first steps you can take is one that we find most patients participate in any way, sort of subconsciously. Make sure before and after you brush to wash the head of your brush off with hot water while swiping a finger through the bristles. By adding heat, flow and motion together- any lingering bacterial particles can be flushed away before you start your next cleaning.

Following brushing, storage is an essential element to consider. Make sure you store your brush upright in a holder that allows for airflow. Despite impulse, do not cover the head with any little helmets or devices. The brush should not be making contact with any other surfaces or other brushes too. Lastly, wipe away the white residue that forms on the side and the bottom of the holder frequently. This leftover paste and drippings can be a place where bacteria fester.

Lastly- knowing when to say “good-bye” to your brush is a serious consideration to making. Every 3-4 months you should be tossing our your old brush and getting a new one to prevent your regimen from suffering at the hands of worn out bristles that are more susceptible to bacteria.

For more information on the essentials of your regimen, or to schedule an appointment with your Lexington dentist- call our office today at (859) 266-2570.

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